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Ok, feeling a little emotional tonight. I feel like I’m just a bit of a shitty dad at the moment. Just short tempered, tired, poorly, angry etc. Taking out on the little ones. It’s not their fault, I’m extremely stressed with work as we’re due to go on a holiday next week. 3 weeks off […]

So little Boo has started getting into Peppa Pig. She’s never shown interest in TV before, but all of a sudden she’s hooked. Also asking for “une Peppa”. Not sure why she’s using French, but this is her thing. Anyway, it’s great because now she can be distracted/occupied in front of the tele when us […]

I rant a lot about Facebook. But I also promote Facebook. In terms of business, you have to be on there, have some kind of presence. This is the only reason I still have a Facebook account, so I can update my business page. Logging into my personal page tends to fill me with rage, […]

Was delighted to have a term I coined accepted onto Urban Dictionary Menky is someone who continually uses social media to brag and especially humblebrag about how good their life is. Often seen taking smug selfies with an assortment of expensive materialistic belongings in the background. “Oh my god, stop being so Menky… we get […]