Been developing a website for a client for about a year, they’ve struggled to get the content for us to complete it. He phones yesterday, saying he no longer needs the website as he’s folding the company. Gave me a sob story about owing the tax man a very large sum of money, just had […]

Me, when speaking to client about how many employees they had (sounded so wrong).
Me, when speaking to a client about retrieving a database

So I just send a client a bill for the time we spent removing a virus from their website. We spent 6 hours, I only billed them for 2, to soften the blow, good will gesture and what not.  Client went mental, said “You build this website, you host this website, you should be safeguarding […]

So we ask the client what size they want their flyer designed in. Apparently a size we’re not accustomed with is known as “small-small”. If anyone can let me know what the actual size is in “mm” I’d really appreciate it.

That’s been the theme of the downfalls this week so far (only Tuesday). First client, their outgoing email wasn’t working. Despite having passwords etc, and had it functioning perfectly last week, they were trying to send an email without success.  I went round as they are totally computer illiterate and thought that would be easier […]