Ok, feeling a little emotional tonight. I feel like I’m just a bit of a shitty dad at the moment. Just short tempered, tired, poorly, angry etc. Taking out on the little ones. It’s not their fault, I’m extremely stressed with work as we’re due to go on a holiday next week. 3 weeks off […]

So it was mother’s day weekend, and what better gift to give a mother of 3 lunatics than a day off from being a mother? This was a kind gesture by me, I know this, but then the realisation kicked in… I was having all 3 on my own for a whole day. And yes, […]

Conversation with my 4 year old about what I do for a living: Bean: “Daddy makes pretty pictures for people and they give him money. I want to work in daddy’s office when I’m big cos I love doing drawings and am really good”. Daddy: “Ok, so you’re right, except for the getting paid bit […]

Achieved record time this morning, boys ate breakfast in 20 minutes… it may have been that I gave them Nutella on toast, but 20 minutes is pretty god damn good. I might add, I also gave them yoghurt, smoothie, strawberries and raspberries (hence the clever little title).

A tough but lovely day, started with breakfast at a lovely little restaurant, followed by walk and picnic in the beautifully landscaped gardens of Painshill Park, Cobham, ended up in a discussion of whether or not to have the snip. No, not a haircut… the kind that involves my manhood. So we have come to […]

I don’t know if this is the same for most parents, but breakfast is like the most stressful part of my day. Getting my boys to eat anything, at a sensible speed, without demolishing the kitchen or ending in injury is a massive challenge which I shudder at thought of doing each day. It should […]