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Daddy Pig

Daddy Pig

So little Boo has started getting into Peppa Pig. She’s never shown interest in TV before, but all of a sudden she’s hooked. Also asking for “une Peppa”. Not sure why she’s using French, but this is her thing. Anyway, it’s great because now she can be distracted/occupied in front of the tele when us parents have more pressing things to do. As much as I love reading 20 books in a row or dressing and undressing baby dolls. There is however one downside. She now calls me Daddy Pig. Much to the amusement of Bean, Bear and Boss… this obviously then fuels Boo to do it more.

I don’t see the resemblance to be honest with you…

Daddy Pig

I’ve got a complex now. Time to hit the gym.

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