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Handy man!


Handy man!

Ok, so we were interviewing today, and quite possibly the most surreal answer to a standard question was as follows:

Me: So, what are your strengths and weaknesses?
Candidate: Well, I’m a team player, I’m relaxed and get on with people. My weaknesses… erm well… I’d have to say my right hand.
Me: Excuse me?
Candidate: I sprained it a few years ago, so I guess that’s a weakness.
Me: *looking amazed and shocked… is he serious*
Candidate: But I can use my left hand for most other things, so I guess it’s more of a strength
Me: *oh right, he IS serious*

He went on to tell me all the things he can do with his left hand instead, such as darts, using a mouse, snooker (which apparently is weird), every time he mentioned it, he sort of gave a “wanky” type of hand gesture motion. I struggled not to laugh.

Amazing. Truly Amazing.

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