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Lego Nogo

So it was mother’s day weekend, and what better gift to give a mother of 3 lunatics than a day off from being a mother? This was a kind gesture by me, I know this, but then the realisation kicked in… I was having all 3 on my own for a whole day. And yes, I realise that Boss does this all the time, but I’m a novice at handling 3 at once really.

What can I do to entertain them for some time? Legoland. That’s right Legoland. This worked on so many levels, the kids would be entertained without me having to act like a clown all day, we had passes so it would be cheap and it’s not too far to travel. What I didn’t take into account was that is was the first weekend of reopening, so crazy busy AND it was freaking freezing!

In my haste getting ready, running around the house like a madman, I got somewhat sweaty… and with the sun beating through the windows assumed it was a bright, warm spring day. So I dressed accordingly (along with my freshly shaven scalp). When we arrive at Legoland we were greeted by what can only be described as polar winds and temperatures close to the Arctic Tundra (5°C to be exact – yeah I know not THAT cold, but I have zero hair). I knew immediately that my choice of thin jacket and shirt was not a wise one.

On arrival at the grand gates of entrance, I’m struck by the sheer volume of people queing to get into the park. 20 mins of waiting and we’re in. 20 mins walking down the hill with Bear screaming for the toilet. 15 mins getting Boo out of pushchair, both boys drained and hands washed. 25 mins queue for first ride (simple carousel). Best part of an hour and half and little enjoyment has been had thus far. All the while, I’m freezing.

Next ride, the Atlantis Submarine Voyage. Just the 60 minute wait for this. In the queue I hear another family talking about how my kids are beautiful and look like Beckham babies, due to their style. One of them references how I look like a great father… I’m really chuffed, feeling quite smug as the kids are being cute… then the father-in-law chips in “he’s probably divorced, hence being here on his own with 3 and has to try really hard to be a good dad”. Now I don’t quite know why people are a) talking about me, b) why they are so loud and c) why would you automatically assume this is the reason I’m a good dad. Normally I’d bite my tongue, but felt I should inform these nosey people that in fact I’m happily married and am just a pretty rocking dad… thanks for the compliment all the same.

The day went on, struggling with queues, struggling to find places to sit down to eat, struggling not to die of hyperthermia, struggling to heave the pushchair up hills while keeping hold of the other two older ones, just a general struggle. We did have fun, don’t get me wrong, but the one thing I took away from this day was how amazing my wife is. She does this sort of thing all the time, 6 weeks at a time during the summer holidays. A real trooper. I got so much credit from all the family saying, “wow, can’t believe you took them all out on your own”… pretty offensive to me, but more offensive to my wife as it’s just what she does every single day.

Well done to all mum’s out there. You deserve more than one day to show how amazing you are. Especially Boss. She literally owns it.

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