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LinkedIn Profile Photo Fails

LinkedIn Profile Photo Fails

LinkedIn Photo Fails

I see some photos of people I should connect to on LinkedIn… and I simply cannot. There are so many profile picture fails, I honestly have no idea what most of these people were thinking. It’s meant to be a professional platform for self promotion… take a step back, look at your profile picture… does yours fall into any of these categories?

The Extreme Closeup

Says what is does on the tin. Get the camera right up in there!

The Duck Face

Why girls think they look sexy when they do this, I just can’t. You want a potential employer to take you seriously? You must be quackers love.

The Face Touch

Something that was normally reserved for designers, seems now normal folk are getting in on the act of touching their face while they get themselves snapped!

The Twos a Crowd

Now is it really that bad, that you have to crop your wife/girlfriend/best mate out of your picture? You don’t have a single picture with just you? Or do you think you were looking particularly hot in that shot? I don’t know… either way, that’s cold man.

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