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Quick rant

Quick rant

Been developing a website for a client for about a year, they’ve struggled to get the content for us to complete it. He phones yesterday, saying he no longer needs the website as he’s folding the company. Gave me a sob story about owing the tax man a very large sum of money, just had his wedding and honeymoon to pay for, and had to fix his £80k sports car!. So can’t afford to pay me for the website work.

Erm… ok, so you owe the tax man bucks… so you must have made some serious earnings in order to rack up such a bill, not my fault you’re terrible at money management and accounting. We’re not talking big money here, around £600, but there’s no way I’m saying “don’t worry about it” we’ve done the work, you’ve not upheld your end of the bargain.

He told me he’s likely to get me to build another website for him in the future… like fuck you are mate, you really think I’m going to work with you again????

Unreal. I’m honestly shocked at the lack of ethics/morals of a lot of people. Getting hit by these guys all the time at the moment, seriously makes me question my choice of career.

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