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Snotty Website

So I just send a client a bill for the time we spent removing a virus from their website. We spent 6 hours, I only billed them for 2, to soften the blow, good will gesture and what not.  Client went mental, said “You build this website, you host this website, you should be safeguarding against virus’s… yadda yadda yadda!”

Anyway, quick as a flash I responded “If I were a builder, who had built your house, it was solid, secure, water tight etc, and had been for a year, and we also rent the land your house is built on to you, all is running smoothly, then one day you get an infestation of ants… is it my responsibility as the original builder of the home to come and get rid of those ants for free? I don’t mind helping out, if maybe we left a little hole in the brick work that they got through… but I can’t spend a whole day getting rid of them for free!”

Client backed down. I win.

What are your views? Am I right? We do what we can to protect against virus’s as does our hosting company, but sometimes, you’ll get smashed by one… who has to pay the cost?

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