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So here I am…

So here I am…

Something I’ve always wanted to do is write a blog, I’ve designed plenty, (plus I kind of have one for business purposes), however I’ve got more to say on a personal level and needed an outlet.

Why haven’t I done it sooner?


What’s changed?

Well, I’ve got less time… but have an urge to vent and share experiences of my life both as a designer and a dad.

You’re a dad, how many kids?

2 Boys and 1 girl. We have Bean, aged 4, Bear almost 3, and our baby girl Boo 7 weeks old today. I find it weird how most people’s first question when you say you’ve got 3 is “Are you going to have any more?”. It’s as if they are saying you’re clearly a mentally challenged narcissist having 3, so you must be the type who’d just continue procreating. Contrary to the answer my wife gives “yeah, probably”, I’m pretty convinced 3 is enough. The main reason, I’m not driving a people carrier… plus we have twins in the family, so chances are we’d end up with 5 kids. Not on my watch.

You design? What, where?

I’ve run my own design agency for the last 7 years, it’s one hell of a ride, a lot of fun, heartache and stress, but overall I’m very lucky to be doing a job I thoroughly enjoy. Got 3 members of staff, plus the wife, who I guess is the real boss. Maybe one day I’ll let you know the company name, just staying anonymous for the time being, just in case I offend anyone (that’s not the game plan here by the way). We design websites, logos, marketing materials etc, based in Berkshire, UK.

So what’s this blog going to do?

Hopefully not bore you. Maybe, make you laugh, make you cry, make you cringe, make you feel sorry for me, and hopefully make you come back for more. Not looking to win any awards for my writing, nor make money from advertising, I’m not even bothered about getting an audience, but hey-ho, we’ll see where it takes us.

What will you post?

Who knows… photos, designs, inspiration, anecdotes/stories, quotes, the usual bloggness.

If you got this far down, thanks for sticking with it, have an awesome day…

…if you didn’t you suck, but have a good life anyway



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