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Speeling Meestakes

That’s been the theme of the downfalls this week so far (only Tuesday).

First client, their outgoing email wasn’t working. Despite having passwords etc, and had it functioning perfectly last week, they were trying to send an email without success.  I went round as they are totally computer illiterate and thought that would be easier than me talking them through it, or trying to get them to share their machine remotely. So I get there and they’d missed off “.com” from the email address they were sending to. Argghh!

Second client, again email related. This time irate client kept contacting us complaining about not being able to get into their email. We went onto 3 different machines, and 4 different browsers and logged in fine. After 10 phone calls and a ton of emails, we got a message this morning, saying they’d spelt their name wrong on the username. FAIL!

Third, client ordered 10,000 flyers and had a typo in their copy. Not our fault, we sent Proof, and got signed approval, stating “PLEASE CHECK THE COPY CAREFULLY”. It was apparently checked by 4 people, who all missed it… including us, it was a foreign word, so not really our fault.

Best go threw this post with a find toofed combe mayke shaw Ive knot mayde any tipos mysulf.

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