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Thou shalt not hack thy neighbour


Thou shalt not hack thy neighbour

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Ok, another crazy client. She’s one of those who just turns up at the office willy-nilly (do people even use that term anymore?). Anyway, she has a website, she wants us to look after it, she doesn’t trust her current host. So we took it on, made some changes to it… fairly simple stuff. Things took a turn for the worst when paranoia kicked in. This woman seems to think everyone is out to get her. I should point out, it’s not like her site is high value or anything of any sensitive nature.

Phone rings.

Me – “Hello”
Client – “I think they’re watching me”
Me – *nervously laughing* “Who are?”
Client – “My neighbours, I think they’ve hacked my website.”
Me – “Why would they do that?”
Client – “They are very tech savvy, good with computers.”
Me – “Again, why would they do that?”
Client – “Because they can, and I think they have it in for me.”
Me – “I’m pretty sure there is no reason for them hacking your site, and I can’t see any issues, or any changes.”
Client – “They are trying to discredit me, so please ignore anything you might see about me online”
Me – *awkward silence*
Client – “I trust you can block them.”
Me – “I really don’t think anyone is hacking you, so nothing to worry about.”

Seriously??? I think we must be a hub for crazy people. This client is up there with the best. She also looks like she’s about to break into tears each time you have a conversation with her. I’m really not equipped for this shit.

Anyway… happy humpday people. Embrace your inner crazy.


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