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To Snip, or Not to Snip

To Snip, or Not to Snip

A tough but lovely day, started with breakfast at a lovely little restaurant, followed by walk and picnic in the beautifully landscaped gardens of Painshill Park, Cobham, ended up in a discussion of whether or not to have the snip. No, not a haircut… the kind that involves my manhood. So we have come to the conclusion that 3 IS enough, and don’t want any slip ups. So at 33 am I calling it a day on procreation? Possibly.

Factors to consider:

  • Divorce or Death? The wife and I no longer coexist, either through her leaving or passing. I then meet new woman who wants family.
  • Will my masculinity be affected? I’m already a little “metro” so don’t need to anymore assistance in that area.
  • Will it hurt? Can I bare the thought of smelling my own flesh being cauterised?

I know what the females will say with regards to the “pain” question. It’s nothing compared to child birth, which your wife has done three times. My response is “You don’t know… Being thumped in the crown jewels is such an extreme sort of pain that in those few minutes afterward, you’d actually rather die than continue living. You don’t know! You weren’t there.”

A friend my age decided he’s getting it done next week after just two children. Maybe I’ll see how he gets on.

It’s a massive decision, not to be taken lightly. Stay posted.

On the plus side I have heard that a lot of masturbation is required during the recovery period.


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