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What DOES daddy do?

What DOES daddy do?

Conversation with my 4 year old about what I do for a living:

Bean: “Daddy makes pretty pictures for people and they give him money. I want to work in daddy’s office when I’m big cos I love doing drawings and am really good”.

Daddy: “Ok, so you’re right, except for the getting paid bit (LOL). But you know I make websites for my clients?”

Bean: “What’s a client?”

Daddy: “Good question. That’s the person who comes to me and asks me to do work for them. Do you know what a website is?”

Bean: “That’s what I play games on when I’m on your computer.”

Daddy: “Yes, that’s right. But companies have websites so they can tell people what they do. Like some have shops where they sell stuff to people, who use their computer to buy things on.”

Bean: “Like mummy does for all my toys and clothes?”

Daddy: “Exactly!” (a bit too much time and money spent on Amazon & various fashion websites for my liking).

Bean: Clearly losing interest… “Can I have a biscuit?”

Daddy: “Good talk”

Bear (age 3): “I don’t want to work with you, cos I want to be a super… hero”

Daddy: “Excellent career choice my man!”

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